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    Structural materials: metal alloys (aluminum, copper, magnesium, titanium, tungsten, molybdenum, zirconium, etc.), ultra-high strength steel, superalloy, precision alloys, intermetallics, cemented carbide
    Composite materials: resin-based composites, metal matrix composites, ceramic matrix composites, carbon-based composites; (carbon, glass, boron) fibers, particles and whiskers and other reinforced composites;
    Functional materials: photoelectric, damping vibration, stealth, bulletproof, transparent, anit-corrosion protection, absorbing, flame retardant, ablation, magnetic, superconducting, semiconductors, nano, low density, anti-high temperature and other functional materials ;
    New materials and special materials: graphene, special fibers, ultra-high molecular materials, smart materials,glass-ceramic,etc;
    Auxiliary materials: welding materials, abrasives, coatings, rare earth materials, adhesives, engineering plastics, additives, sealing materials, etc .;
    Technology and equipment: smelting, processing, forming technology and equipment; laser welding, 3D printing, new surface treatment, etc;
    Other: investment and financing enterprises, scientific and technological achievements, research institutions, tertiary institutions and so on.

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