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    "Equipment development, material first", "2017 China Military and Civilian Integration Materials and Equipment Exhibition" hold in Beijing, and achieved complete success. Exhibition ushered in a number of well-known domestic and foreign entreprises of the material and product. the leading enterprises, high-tech enterprises competing to show high-end products and cutting-edge technology, emerged in large quantities used in military equipment manufacturing new products and new materials. After the 19th National Congress the strategic significance of military and civilian integration once again upgraded to new heights, moving from initial integration to deep integration, creating a new strategic opportunity for the equipment manufacturing industry and bringing new opportunities for the military and civilian dual-use materials industry. Under the impetus of the national macro-policy, it is imperative to create a coordinated development of economy and national defense, to develop in balance and to be compatible with the new situation of development. Sophisticated weaponry is the key to strengthening the country's defense. Take high-end materials as precursor, to developed around the need of national defense and economic construction can build a powerful weapon for protecting the country and strengthening the military.
    In order to promote the sound and rapid development of the military industry, promote the trade cooperation and technological exchanges between the military industry and the civilian supporting enterprises, and broaden the product sales channels for the enterprises, the "The 2nd Civil-Military Material Expo" will be held in Beijing in September ,exhibition will focus on display in aerospace, marine, weapons, equipment manufacturing and other fields of various materials. At that time, the State Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, the National Defense Science and Industry Bureau, the CSTC, the Marine / Land and Air / Rocket Armaments Department, the military research institutes, the military industry group, the equipment supporting units and domestic & foreign materials entreprises will participate in the exhibition and work hand in hand to promote the simultaneous development of the national economy and national defense, to realize " powerful nation dream , strong army dream ".

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