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    Department of Military and Civilian Integration of the Ministry of Industry and Information
    Department of Equipment Industry of the Ministry of industry and information
    National Development and Reform Commission's Economic and National Defense Coordinated Development Division
    Department of Raw Materials Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Information
    Military Commission Equipment Development Department
    Science and Technology Commission of the Military Commission
    Sea / Land / Air / Rocket Military Equipment Department
    Air Force Equipment Research Institute
    Chinese Academy of Engineering
    Chinese Academy of Sciences
    China Iron and Steel Industry Association
    China Shipbuilding Industry Association
    China Nonferrous Metal Industry Association
    China Auto Industry Association
    China Aeronautical Society
    China Institute of instruments and instruments
    China ordnance Society
    China Shipbuilding Engineering Society
    China composite material society
    China Materials Research Society
    China Electronics Society
    China Machinery Industry Federation
    China Architectural materials Federation
    China Nuclear Industry Group
    China Aerospace Science and Technology Group
    China Aerospace Industry Group
    China Aviation Industry Group
    China Weaponry Industry Group
    China Weaponry and Equipment Group
    China Electronics Technology Group
    China Iron and Steel Research Technology Group
    China Electronic Information Industry Group
    China Material Group
    China Aluminum Industry Group
    China Composite Material Group
    China Zhongche Group
    China Aero Engine Group
    China North Industries Group
    China Ordnance Equipment Group
    China Electronics Technology Group
    China Steel Research Group



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