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    2018 Civil-Military Integration Expo

    In order to realize China's Powerful Nation Dream, we must make better Civil-Military integration of national defense technology, and bring into full play the most effective use of national defense technology. The civilian transformation of military technology drives the incubating of high-tech civilian technologies and enables military technology to open up a new realm of technological innovation in civil transformation and utilization, and then feeds back military technology research and weaponry construction with new innovative technologies.
    "One generation One Materials," "Material determines equipment" .With the change of the times and the development of technology, the development of high-tech military technology has not only required structural materials, but also innovative high-performance, multi-functional and intelligent composite new scientific research materials.    
      The 2nd China Civil-Military Materials Expo and The 2nd China Civil-Military Technology Equipment Expo will held in Beijing in September 2018, to provide a green and fair exchange platform for the military, military industry enterprises and enterprises ,to work hand in hand to promote the simultaneous development of the national economy and national defense , so as to realize a "Powerful Nation Dream、Powerful Army Dream."

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