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    CMME Updating notice

    Thank you for your continuous attention "China Civil-Military Integration Materials and Equipment Expo" (referred to as CMME2017). In 2017, the exhibition was ended successfully. During the exhibition, the cooperation between military industrial enterprises and civilian enterprise exchanges and trade are very warm. In order to provide more enterprises exhibition space and promote the rapid development and investment expansion of CMME, to promote publicity and promotion and business contacts, to provide better services for enterprises, the military and military industry enterprises, the Organizing Committee will hold "The 2nd China Civil-Military Materials Expo” and “The 2nd China Civil-Military  Technology Equipment Expo”to satisfy more user needs, to build more sophisticated and more professional trade exchange platform.

    All parties concerned are welcome to visit the exhibition ! Looking forward to your visit.


    China Civil-Military Integration Materials and Equipment Expo (CMME2017) Organizing Committee


    December 29, 2016



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