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    Civil-Military integration widens the field of integration

    The concept of "demand docking and resource sharing" in the sharing of a single vehicle is actually the proper meaning of the integration of the military and the people. Civil military integration involves multiple systems, master key technology research institute, innovation ability, the enterprise with the industrial production, manufacturing capacity, the government to give strong policy support and guidance, complementary advantages, in close collaboration, sharing of resources, to achieve integrated development. The nineteen major reports of the Party pointed out that we should deepen the reform of national defense science and technology industry, form a deep development pattern of civil military integration, and build an integrated national strategic system and capability. Recently, the military logistics departments issued the "13th Five-Year" to promote the development of civil military integration depth military procurement in accordance with the "opinions", "demand traction, project demonstration, sharing resources planning, integration, innovation lead, mutual promoting ideas, military procurement into military logistics development of civil military integration of overall planning, and actively promote the mechanism, procurement system resources, platform construction, power use and comprehensive integration, open a new era of the development of a new pattern of integration of military and civilian military procurement. The introduction of "opinion" is of great significance to the thorough implementation of the nineteen spirit of the party and the comprehensive implementation of the strategy of the integration and development of the military and the people. The essence of the competition in the military field is the competition of the ability of innovation. With the rapid development of technological innovation, the boundary between economy and national defense, military and civilian is becoming more and more blurred, and the coupling degree between military technology and civilian technology is deeper and deeper. For example, Internet, GPS, nano and other technologies, which were first developed by the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, were later widely applied to the civilian field, which spawned new high-tech industries and become the new growth point of social productivity. The US F 16 fighter training simulator has an original price of 35 million US dollars. After making use of Hollywood's film and multimedia technology, the unit price cost has decreased to the original 1/12, while the performance has improved significantly. In the information age, the interaction between military technology and civil technology is becoming more and more common.

    Nowadays, some important fields of science and technology in China have been ranked among the advanced ranks of the world. Some areas are changing from "runner" to "traveler" and "leader", which provide a solid technical foundation for civil military integration. In Tianjin, Guangzhou, Changsha, three National Supercomputing Center is on the rise; in Beijing Zhongguancun, the integration of military and civilian work innovation set up in 2016, is responsible for matters relating to military science and technology resource sharing; in April this year, the Central Military Commission published in 2017 Ministry of equipment for the development of common technology and domain fund guide, nearly 6 billion yuan, more than 1000 orders project guide, more than 2000 opportunities...... It is unprecedented to reduce the threshold and open the competition. The military chess, out of my site I call the shots, but the heart to a thought, an effort to make.

    Although science and technology have military and civilian use in the final application, the source of science and technology is not to study the basic theory of military and civilian. In 1916, Einstein discovered the stimulated radiation concept, is in high level atom, external photons, the transition frequency consistent when the external photon frequency coincides with it, it will jump from high level to low level, and it is identical with the external photon photon, so a photon becomes two photon. If the conditions are suitable, the light can be amplified and strengthened like an avalanche. The laser based on this research was first successfully developed in 1960. After laser technology, it was widely used in the military field, and also gave birth to new concept weapons such as laser weapons. Therefore, a good civil military integration "shared bicycle", from the stage of basic research on the importance for the development of military weapons and equipment to provide source and power support, realize the organic combination between the basic research, application development, product manufacturing, and to strengthen efforts in sharing the achievement of basic research and transformation. Sharing the "shared bicycle" with the integration of the military and the civilian should broaden the field of integration, and the open field of vision will help to drive well and quickly. We should actively incubate, discover and cultivate cutting-edge technologies that can serve national defense and army building. In addition to traditional fields such as equipment and transportation, we should also expand to new areas such as ocean, space, cyberspace, and seize the commanding heights of economic and military competition. The domestic maglev train, which conquered hundreds of core technologies and authorized patents, is a model of civil military integration in the field of technological innovation. The achievement is achieved by "medium low speed maglev transportation R & D platform". 36 National University of Defense Technology and Beijing by holding group cooperation, joint related fields 17 research institutes and enterprises, jointly build a research platform in the local government of Beijing City, Hunan Province, under the support of the mode of operation of the exploration of the formation of the "enterprise centered, market-oriented, government support, combination", get expert height sure.

    A rich country can force a strong army, and a strong army will be able to secure a nation. President Xi pointed out that "the development of military and civilian integration as a national strategy is a major achievement of our long-term exploration of the coordinated development of economic construction and national defense construction, and a major decision made from the overall situation of national security and development strategy." In the new era, the deep development of the integration of the military and the people is not only the policy of the strong power, but also the way of the strong army. The military only to the fusion power of military and civilian integration "good ride bike sharing, improve military resources sharing degree, in order to achieve rich unity and a strong army.

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