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    New technology for Civil-Military integration 3D

    The innovation of science and technology, and postdoctoral workstation of Lanzhou high tech Zone, Xi'an Jiao Tong University, The PLA Information Engineering University, 3D printing company jointly set up a National Engineering Research Center for rapid manufacturing of Lanzhou innovation demonstration center, the core technology of rapid manufacturing, rapid prototyping, rapid tooling, as a good foundation in science and technology, military and civilian integration.

    The new achievements of civil military integration 3D printing technology and geographic information technology combined to produce combat sand, break a number of world problems, in terms of accuracy is the key advantage of map printing operations 3D sandbox accuracy, can reach 0.1 mm, has reached world leading level, and 3D printing operations have obvious new sand the advantage in the cost of capital, the previous print material is imported from the United States Gypsum, the cost of 2 yuan (RMB) a gram, and now the material is independent of production, only 200 yuan per ton, greatly reducing the time and cost of capital, this technology has been used in the country.

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