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    Military material - graphene plate

    Plentiful application of graphene to seize the opportunity of powder metallurgy market.
    Spherical aluminum powder is a new material products to encourage the development of national key, in the "national key high tech field", "new material industry" 13th Five-Year "development planning of key products directory" policy clearly the key support, the rapid development of industrial economy of Aluminum Alloy material strength and stiffness is put forward more and more high requirements, improve Aluminum Alloy porous material densification to improve the hardness and strength of Aluminum Alloy has become an important research field, new alloys, high strength Aluminum Alloy special casting and precision machining industry is closely linked with the military equipment industry, the products are widely used in automobiles, ships, weapons, electronics and aerospace and other fields, has the broad prospects for development. We should invest in developing graphene aluminum alloy wire rod, expand the frontier market and military industry market of new materials, further consolidate the strategic development of 1+4, and contribute wisdom to the development of China's aluminum based new material industry.

    (Note: the information comes from the Xinjiang crowd. This article only provides information. Please look at the text and pay attention to the Xinjiang crowd and the official website.)

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