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    Domestic application of aluminum alloy

    Aluminum Alloy low density, but the intensity is relatively high, close to or exceed the quality of steel, plastic, can be processed into various shapes, excellent electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, widely used in industry, the use of the second steel, is a kind of nonferrous metal structural materials most widely used in industry that has been widely used in aviation, aerospace, automotive, machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding and chemical industry.

    In November 20th, Aluminium Corp and Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China signed a civil aviation aluminum and application cooperation agreement in Harbin, large aircraft and other major national projects and types of aluminum applications relying on the two companies, domestic application Aluminum Alloy materials for implementation of large aircraft, regional aircraft and future wide body aircraft, accelerate the rapid development of civil aviation industry in our country, the country to achieve better new aviation the cloth material industry strategy bureau.

    The demand for the hard alloy plates and profiles of the large commercial airliner of the East Light Company and the China commercial flying C919 aircraft project will start at the same time. The newly developed C919 large commercial aircraft hard alloy plate and profile have passed the phase transition review, meet the relevant standards and requirements, and are expected to be used for the C919 wing panels of large commercial aircraft, so as to achieve the domestic independent support of the hard alloy panels and profiles. The hard alloy plate and profile produced by Dong Guang company has many excellent properties, such as high strength and so on. It is one of the landmark results of the lightweight development of aluminum alloy in aviation field. During the trial production, all the performance indicators meet the technical requirements of commercial aviation. The Chinese and Chinese aluminum fly cooperation, application platform protection material technology foundation will make full use of the aluminum company accumulated over the years and Chinese fly large civil aircraft, promote the upgrading of new materials industry, accelerate the protection of materials technology to the civil domain transformation, to further reduce Aluminum Alloy material cost, improve the price and product competition ability.

    (source: Harbin News Network - Harbin daily)

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